Get smarter with Cisco Meraki!

Going back to a few years, I could still remember the clunky process of deploying or re-configuring the network devices. However, things aren’t the same now! With out-of-the-box tools like Cisco Meraki, organizations can deploy, maintain, and manage their network devices easier than ever. Organizations, be it a SME or MNC, can lift their network management burden and focus on what really matters to their strategic business growth.

High accessibility: Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based network management platform which enables you to deploy and configure about 10, 000 network devices. The reason why Cisco Meraki is booming in the marketplace is its ability to deploy network devices from a centralized cloud platform. Having multiple branch offices, you do not need to hire IT experts to take charge of each of this location. With this cloud-based network management platform, you can deploy your network devices with simple steps.

Unparalleled Visibility: As an IT administrator, it is crucial for you to know what’s happening over your network. Cisco Meraki enables you to keep informed about your network. It lets IT administrators, to take a helicopter view from a single console.

Secure: Considering the enormity of outside threats, Cisco always puts security at the top of everything. Cisco Meraki immunizes your network devices. IT administrators can turn off the unused ports to prevent anonymous access to the network devices. Besides this, you can also provide access to the application based on the branches. A recent study founded out that, 80% of breaches are occurred due to the poor patch management (Source: DZone). Ensuring that all of your devices are up-to-date is a time-consuming process. With Cisco Meraki’s Firmware and other security updates, you can ensure that your devices are free from vulnerability.

High availability: Since it is in the cloud, it promises around-the-clock access to the application to the end-users. In addition to your excitement, Cisco Meraki introduced its mobile application. Through this, IT administrators can deploy their network devices rapidly using their iPads, and Android devices. Whether you are in the office or at home, with these incredible devices, you can deploy, control, and manage your network devices.

As a partner of Cisco, we at Fourth Dimension have hands-on-experience on implementing cutting-edge technologies that help you to optimize your operations.

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