Information Protection and Lifecycle Management

Over the years, network security and design have been rapidly becoming more and more complex to keep pace with the fast evolving threats. This trend is predicted to continue unabated. Managing network security is a daunting challenge when you factor in the complexities of compliance mandates, BYOD and mobility, lack of visibility, and the need to solve problems as quickly as they emerge.
Network Security
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We have expertise in the following security components:

> Firewalls
> Intrusion Detection Systems
> Email and Content Security
> Malware

End-point Security

We provide complete mobile and desktop protection from a variety of simple to very complex threats.Our advanced threat protection services in endpoint security include…

> Anti-Malware
> Packer Variant Protection
> Encryption
> Vulnerability Shielding
> Behaviour Monitoring
> Command and Control Blocking
> Browser Exploit Protection
> Device Control
> Data Loss Prevention
> Application Whitelisting
> Web Threat Protection

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Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security technology that requires multiple methods of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify a user's identity for a login or other transaction. Multifactor authentication combines two or more independent credentials: what the user knows, such as a password; what the user has, such as a security token; and what the user is, by using biometric verification methods. Few methods are as listed below
> On demand Tokens (Email & SMS OTP)
> Soft tokens (Mobile & desktop app)
> Hardware tokens (device)
> Biometric Authentication
> FIDO tokens
> Push Authentication (Mobile Push notification)


Fourth Dimension Technologies have been delivery 2FA & MFA services for the past 15+ years in the industry tagging along with the best products in market. Go-to partners for RSA. Been securing organization’s identities with MFA in most verticals including Manufacturing, Banking, Power, NBFC, etc.
Service Description:
> Traditional & Modern Authentication techniques
> Single Sign-on
> Tailored Integrations for home-grown applications
> Integrations with Network devices, applications, etc.

> Additional layer of authentication
> Leveraging modern authentication techniques
> Cloud-to-ground protection
> Proactive security
> Integrated security


SIEM is a security tool that collects and aggregates data from multiple network & security systems and analyse that data to catch abnormal behaviour or potential cyberattacks. SIEM tools also provide a central place to collect events and alerts to produce meaningful reports of what is happening inside an organization’s IT.


Fourth Dimension Technologies offers a variety of offerings with SIEM tools and Add-ons bundled along with the service. Our offerings consist of
> Security monitoring service with creating Alerts, Reports, Dashboards
> Use Case Development
> Log Retention policies
> Root Cause Analysis
> Options of 8x5 or 24x7 service levels

Engagement Models:

> On-premises SIEM & Cloud based SIEM

Service Description:

> Log Collection – Collection of logs from network and security devices
> Normalization – Normalization of logs collected from any source
> Correlation – Correlation of events according to business needs
> Prioritization – Prioritizing events and incidents according to severity
> Alerting – Creating alerts/alarms for most critical servers/resources
> Reporting & Dashboard – Generating reports and dashboards which are aligned with the client’s business
> Log Retention – Log retention for specified period
> Root Cause Analysis – Perform RCA on Severity incidents


> Quick and effective response
> Damage Prevention & Control
> Decreased costs (TCO) of breaches & operations as 4D team manages the security posture
> Customizable Reports and Dashboards aligned with Business needs
> Security expertise & consulting on remediation actions
> Compliance and Improved business reputation

Data Management

Managing data has become more complex than ever. We know how to effectively manage and protect the data your business generates in data centers, offices, mobile devices and laptops. With our support, you will be in control of your data and we will take care of all your backup, storage and recovery needs. Data Management is not an OPTION, it is your PRIORITY

Business Continuity

We offer a simplified yet effective disaster recovery solution via private/public clouds. Recent advancements in virtualization techniques help us reduce both effort and cost through the addition of disaster recovery protection for all applications.

We have the expertise and experience to make your business grow exponentially.

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