Infrastructure Design and Integration

The right storage platform coupled with strong and reliable design and implementation services is at the center of every efficient core data center. The other areas of focus are good cloud solutions and enterprise network solutions that accommodate the ever growing number of bandwidth-intensive applications. With increased mobility, eliminating risks related to BYOD and mobility security is a top priority as is applying analytics to Big Data to generate knowledge that is truly powerful.
Core Data center Infrastructure
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Enterprise storage

An organization requires a flexible IT infrastructure to manage, support, and store all data. With the amount and kind of information required to be housed varying from business to business, how do you know which storage solution works best for you?

Our experts can help you navigate this landscape by recommending the storage platforms best suited for your business. 4D can review your current applications, conduct backup assessments, and determine optimal solutions for your environment.

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Fourth Dimension’s Enterprise Storage Analysis & Solutions:
> Storage Needs Analysis
> Storage Solution Design
> Data Protection and Management
> Disaster Recovery and Data Management

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise IT rides on the backbone of an efficient and secure network. Traditional networking technologies are not geared to handle the multiple connected devices and the demand for secure mobile computing, or distributed application delivery. For your organization to drive innovation through transformation, infrastructure is core to everything you deliver to both your employees and clients.


Fourth Dimension Technologies offers a variety of offerings with Networking and Add-ons bundled along with the service. Our offerings consist of:
> Campus Wired & Wireless Network deployment & support
> Software-Defined Networking
> Network Consultation services
> Managed network services
> 24x7 On-demand support and service levels

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> Enterprise Switching & Routing
> Cloud managed network platforms


> Vast experience in design and integration of enterprise networks
> Optimal and Cost-effective Network Solutions
> Market leading OEM partnerships
> Rich user experience and increased Productivity
> On-time support from 4D team for complete business uptime

Big Data & Information Management

How does your organization gain visibility and value from unstructured data? In today’s world, businesses are inundated with all types and forms of information. Making sense of these diverse, large data sets can bring new business opportunities and lead to more effective organizational decisions. In addition, enriching audio and video content with metadata and applying analytics can identify key business trends and mitigate potential risk.

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Fourth Dimension can help your organization…
> Leverage meaning-based solutions within your enterprise
> Reduce risk and increase your competitive advantage
> Reduce contact center costs by applying analytics to call-center conversations

Mobility and Enterprise BYOD

How well does your organization validate mobile security and address the associated risks? As tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices quickly outnumber PCs, risks related to BYOD and mobility security are increasing. Fourth Dimension provides solutions that sharply reduce the risk of application vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Mobility Solutions:
Mobility Program Development

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) program development includes policies and procedures, governance, solution implementation, and staff training.

Policy Development

Our experts develop policies that facilitate your organization’s mobility initiatives and document expectations for the use of technology and information.

Mobile Device Management Solution Integration

Using appropriate security controls, Fourth Dimension can assist you with your MDM requirements, integration, and solution development to mitigate risk to your organization.

Mobile Application Security Testing

As attacks increasingly move towards applications, 4D can conduct security testing to ensure your applications are securely written and deployed.

Mobile Device Security Awareness Training

Neglecting to follow policies and procedures, coupled with employees’risky online behavior, threatens organizational security. 4D provides expert on-site training to end-users, as well as train-the-trainer solutions, to ensure security policies are effectively distributed and implemented.

We have the expertise and experience to make your business grow exponentially.

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