Ensuring secure access with Cisco Umbrella

With the rise of cloud computing technology, we have been witnessing a sea change in the business environment. Prior to the technology development, organizations’ critical assets were kept within their network perimeter. However, nowadays, organizations have started to stage their IT beyond their physical environment, in the cloud. 

This paved way to trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), work from anywhere at any time and many other opportunities to better collaborate with peers even while being outside the office. This might require a high-speed internet connection in order to ensure a seamless flow of data in the work. Hence, service providers (like a few internet providers denver) need to be contacted for the installation of a new connection for working remotely. Nowadays, people tend to work for an organization from their homes, which might increase their productivity. Though it provides vast opportunities to organizations, it also throws a big challenge for security professionals in that they have to monitor each touchpoint and secure their distributed network.

Moreover, the security professionals do not know where the users are, whether they work from the office premise or out of some other location, and what kind of applications they are using. This leaves the security efforts to fall behind.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to rethink about security strategies that have been in practice in the traditional IT environments. Cisco Umbrella (Secure Internet Gateway), the first line of defense and inspection, helps you offset cyber-threat challenges. As an open-source platform, it integrates with other security stacks and ensures higher visibility and enforcement on and off the corporate network.

Cisco Umbrella is also one step ahead of other security tools. In the world of Internet, DNS (Domain Name System) plays an integral role in the way Internet works- the DNS is mapped to the unique IP code; whenever you type or copy a URL, a DNS request initiates the process of connecting to the internet. According to research, it is estimated that 91% of all commands and control call-backs use DNS. This integral component is also used by malware. (Source: Cisco)

Cisco Umbrella provides DNS (Domain Name System) level security. Whenever the user types a URL, Cisco Umbrella inspects whether the domain is secure or not. If it finds that the site is malicious, it will restrict the access to that domain or IP. Not only does it prevent access to the malicious sites, but with the threat intelligence tool, Cisco Umbrella uncovers threats in real-time thus ensuring a highly secured cloud environment.

Fourth Dimension Technologies Private Limited is an IT infrastructure and managed service provider. With our Cisco-certified engineers, our skilled and experienced team has the capability to implement Cisco Umbrella and other security devices.

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